wooden candle holders

Wooden candle holders make a definite style statement for anyone who is looking to brighten up their living space. The rustic look of wood and illumination from the candle combine to invoke a sense of comfort and peaceful ambience for anyone. The retro look and appeal of candle holders has a unique décor appeal that is unlike other modern home accessories.

Advantages of wooden candle holders

Both battery operated candles and wax candles can be used for wooden candle holders.
Since wood is an easier surface to clean, getting the wax off is not a very difficult job, unlike painted metallic candle holders. The wooden candle holders also do not heat up like the metallic candle holders when the candles are burning and is easier to move with bare hands. For such reasons, getting wooden candle holders would be a wise choice.

Points to consider
Wooden candle holders can be flammable if the material is not properly treated. The heat from the candle can melt a fresh coat of lacquer, thus affecting the look and feel of the design piece.


  1. Here are some exquisite ethnic designs that are suitable for placing on the living room centre table.
  2. This design has a modern appeal, and can be used to place on the side table for the right effect.
  3. This design is perfect for romantic dinner dates, if placed on your dining table.
  4. This design is best suited for your bathroom space next to the mirror to enhance the lighting effects.
  5. Here you can see a modernized piece suitable for placing next to your book collection.
  6. These designs are easy to assemble by yourselves and look great for your coffee table.
  7. These work for ones who love minimalist design and artifacts and wish for such décor items.
  8. This design are for the romantics, great for gifting your loved ones to enhance their romantic moods.