willow tree figurines

We all love figurines which can be used to decorate rooms. Often people pick up such items as memorabilia when they travel to different places. Different emotions, cultures and customs come through such artistic pieces and sculptures.

Small figurine art

You will get to appreciate the fine art and intricate skill that is required to carve small figurines. At the same time, there are different materials of which such figurines are made of. Hence, one would need to know which figurines are great to opt for, easy to store or decorate and will add a unique touch to their homes.

Figurines out of willow tree wood

Willow tree figurines usually decorate romantic scenes and happy or sad moments in life. Emotions are captured in the little figures of men, women, children and other beings which are carved out of wood. Such figurines are light and do not break easily. These can be stored on indoor stands or shelves and act as simple yet unique decorative items. If you wish to explore delicate and romantic figurine samples, here are some images given below.


  1. This figurine depicts a couple in close embrace and is sure to evoke romantic emotions.
  2. This willow tree figurine is a wonderful gift to give to a young married couple as a wedding gift.
  3. This set of three little girls or angels depict soft emotions and are wonderful for small children.
  4. This figurine carved out of willow tree wood showcases the intimate moments spent between a couple.
  5. This is a simple yet striking piece which depicts a girl in white holding flowers.
  6. This is the figurine of a mother with two children which depicts the maternal love very well.
  7. This figurine of a couple in waiting is an interesting piece for waiting rooms and lobby areas.
  8. This willow tree figurine depicts an elderly couple comforting each other and can be a great gift.