wall art decals

Wall decals have become a trendy aspect these days. All people could think of before was wall paint on the walls. Today, paint comes in different textures and shades. And the art of wall decals has been introduced in recent times.

What is wall art decal

Wall art decal is all about expressing yourselves or bringing art on the walls. What was forbidden to children before, scribbling on the walls, has become a way of decorating walls these days. Of course, decals usually come in the form of stickers which are designed from before or professional painters are set to work on the walls.

Different forms of wall art decals

Wall art decals come in different forms, designs and aspirations. One can opt for the wall decals as stickers which are easy to put on the walls. You can have your favorite quotations on the walls or a hand painting. Digital prints can also merge with the paint on the wall when you wish to have wall art decals. Here are some examples of wall art decals which you could look at in order to be inspired.



wall art decals – 1

Here one can see a beautiful inscription on the walls which matches with the interiors as well.

wall art decals – 2


The image of a flower and the pollens being blown by the wind has a distinct effect on the room décor.

wall art decals – 3

For bedrooms, floral patterns can have a distinct effect as can be seen in the bedroom wall décor above.


A hand painting of a violin looks great on the side wall of a room as seen in the image above.

wall art decals – 5

Here one can see a beautiful inscription on the walls which inspires and creates a distinct mood.


Image of a child on the wall creates a three dimensional effect which looks life like as well.

wall art decals – 7

Blending the right paint and fonts with the surroundings is the fine art of wall decals.


The image of the tiger in black goes well against the yellow background of the room.