victorian fireplaces

There are many parts of a fireplace. When you look at Victorian fireplaces, there are surrounds of such fireplaces that are made of cast iron and offer decorative as well as functional addition to any fireplace.

What is a fireplace surround

The surround of a fireplace is what is around the actual fireplace which was made of different kinds of iron in the Victorian era. The ferrous alloys that are used to create surround of fireplaces are such that they can hold as well as radiate heat. Fireplace designs of the Victorian era are distinct. Thus, if you opt for such a design for your home fireplace today, it is sure to add on an aesthetic and retro look to your living room or bedroom.

Victorian fireplaces

Usually the base of a fireplace is made of tiles or bricks. On top of that, cast iron surrounds are made of decorative tiles and designs. Victorian designs are distinct and one can tell the era from the unique patterns and decorations that were prevalent in those times. Here are some images of Victorian fireplaces given below.

  1. This fireplace may be inspired by the Victorian era but it is combined contemporary lines as well.
  2. This simple red brick surround design for the fireplace offers a unique yet simple look to any room.
  3. Ornate patterns were prevalent during the Victorian era which is seen here in the fireplace design.
  4. Contrasting walls in a room make a great place for fireplaces with contrasting surround designs.
  5. With a wooden surround, a black metal fireplace looks great with a retro and modern mixed feel.
  6. This ornate fireplace design in black looks great which is made of cast iron and other alloys.
  7. The simple patterns on the borders of the fireplace surround and painted in black contrasts against the wooden mantel.
  8. This fireplace is made of cast iron surrounds which have elaborate paintings on them and is a piece of art.