When you have curtains on the walls, you need to find ways to tie them back as well. Tying back curtains with any piece of cloth or string might look ugly. For such reasons, tiebacks are also designed and sold separately or with curtain sets.

Curtains and tiebacks

When you are investing in new draperies and furnishings for your rooms, you would have to look at curtains for your doors and windows. These are essential not only for keeping out the strong sunlight or maintaining privacy, curtains also help to add glamour and distinct looks to a room. A room without curtains looks bare. For such reasons, curtains need to be made for any new house and even changed from time to time.

Tiebacks of different forms

When you are investing in curtains, it is wise to invest in tiebacks as well. Tiebacks come in the form of ornamental ropes or matching pieces of fabrics. Such tieback attachments are stitched to the curtains or attached with buttons. Here are examples of tiebacks which one could opt for their curtains.

  1. Here a golden rope is attached to the curtain to tie it back and it looks stylish as well.
  2. Here a certain tieback design is shown which illustrates how it works in keeping curtains in place.
  3. Here the tieback rope design complements the curtain and the tassel adds to the glamour.
  4. This is a simple roped tieback design which uses a knot to keep the curtain in place.
  5. A beautiful bow is used to hold the curtain in place and woks as a curtain accessory as well.
  6. Here a strap like tieback is attached to the curtain along with a clasp and a holder.
  7. Here a beautiful stone is used in a neat manner to form a tieback for the curtains which gets attached to a holder.
  8. Here one can find a beautiful patterned band created of contrasting fabric and used as a tieback.