tartan throws

There is something about tartan checks that appeal to many. The colorful, large square shapes with overlapping lines in different colors offers an overall bright look which is difficult to overlook. No matter where tartan checks are present, one is sure to find their attention diverted to such a design.

Tartan checks and their appeal

If you have tartan checks on throws, these will act as great covers for your sofa. You could match these with contrasting or same design cushion covers as well. If you have plain sofa covers throws with colorful tartan checks will surely stand out and make the sofas look wonderful.

A wonderful way to add a fresh look to old furniture

If you are redoing the furniture of your home or thinking of ways of changing the furniture in your home, you need not look for expensive ideas always. A simple throw in tartan check is sure to look good and add a new look to your old furniture without being heavy on the wallet. Find some interesting tartan throw designs in the images given below.



  1. Here one can check out the tartan checked throw in bright red which complements the blue sofa.
  2. Tartan throws with a velvet base look great not only as throws on baskets but also as cushion covers.
  3. Here one can check out a traditional tartan material in grey and beige tones which can be put to good use.
  4. Tartan throws come in differing dimensions and can be picked up for use in different room décor.
  5. Tartan checks come in different colors and create wonderful contrasts with your living room furniture
  6. A cushion cover in tartan checked fabric looks great and can be coupled with throws.
  7. Here one can check out the different patterns and checks in which tartan throws are available.
  8. Here one can check out the warm fabric on which tartan check designs come and are great for living room décor.