table linen

Table linen is something that most ladies are fascinated about and wish to own different sets of such linen to lay on for different occasions. Indeed, a dinner table is transformed when you add on colorful linen and that of fine fabric.

Table covers for different uses

Today several kinds of table linen are available which can be opted for different occasions. There are plastic table covers and mats that are easy to clean and make sense for everyday use. However, for special occasions, table linen is preferred in fine prints and fabrics.

Table linens for special occasions

You can opt for plain table cloths with matching napkins or contrasting ones. There are printed table cloths as well which help add on a distinct look to a room and table. The table linen forms the background for the dinner plates and glasses as well as fine cutlery. It can help to highlight the food and make any dinner a stylish affair. For all such reasons, we often have to buy different sets of table linen. Here are some popular designs that one can look at.


  1. This is a plain table cloth and matching napkin set in beige with a silk finish and a light curved border.
  2. In this image one can check out the white table cloth with floral patterns of the same color.
  3. Here a black table cloth is covered with a white fabric and napkin sets are in black.
  4. The light lavender stripes on this table linen set makes it ideal for outdoor settings.
  5. Often wooden tables simply need runners and table mats and napkins to compliment and add style.
  6. Here the table covers are in red with contrasting yellow table runner and mats as well as chair covers.
  7. Pristine white cloth as table linen is often preferred for most stylish and formal occasions.
  8. Here one can check out different sets of colored table cloth and matching table mats which are easy to maintain.