spoon rest

Many of us struggle with kitchen work. Indeed, work in the kitchen can be unending, especially when you have children who need small meals throughout the day. For such reasons, many women or even men find themselves spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning tasks

One of the major work is usually the cleaning up of the kitchen when work is done. Most of the time when one cooks in the kitchen, they use several utensils such as spatulas for stirring or spoons for adding spices or tasting dishes that leave stains or residue on the kitchen surface. That adds to the cleaning up process. In order to reduce the marks and stains caused by spoons left at random places on kitchen counters, one can resort to spoon rests. Such a simple yet handy item can help prevent spills and stains on the kitchen counter.

Spoon rests for kitchens

If you are looking to find ways to reduce stains on your kitchen counter, get yourself a spoon rest. You could opt for more than one as well which come in different designs. Given below are some handy samples of spoon rests.

  1. This spoon rest is of ceramic with a green hue inside and a curve to allow the spoon to rest.
  2. This spoon rest is a wider spoon like design that can hold dirty spoons in place to prevent spills.
  3. This handy plastic spoon rest is easy to clean and has a loop to hang it up on the wall.
  4. This is a steel spoon rest or holder that can be placed anywhere on the kitchen counter.
  5. This spoon rest is used on dining tables to keep aside spoons that have been used.
  6. This colorful plastic spoon rest has supporting corks that help to hold spoons in place.
  7. This is a vertical spoon rest holder that is made of steel and can be placed anywhere.
  8. This innovative spoon rest looks like a splash of bright color wherever one places it.