sofa throws

There are different ways you could add decorative touches to your living room. Sofas are large investments that every home owner needs to make at the beginning of setting up their home. For such reasons, most home owners expect sofas and other such furniture to last a lifetime. However after a few years the upholstery starts to look old and fade. There might be stains on the upholstery or tears even.

Sofa throws provide feasible options

If the entre upholstery needs to be changed, you would have to spend considerably. If you would rather not spend that much but wish to make your sofas look inviting and new, add on sofa throws. These are versatile pieces of heavy fabrics that come in different colors, material and patterns. You could pick them up as per the kind of sofa cover you wish to make. These throws usually are readymade and can simply be placed over a sofa in order to cover the upholstery or the seat and back areas of the sofas.

Sofa throw designs

Here are images of sofa throws for one to go though.


  1. Here one can check out the white fabric throw that is used to cover up a sofa of similar color.
  2. This sofa throw of a soft velvet finish adds a wondrous look and finish to an old sofa.
  3. Adding sofa throws to one’s sofa allows the upholstery to be protected from tear and stains.
  4. Throws for sofas come in different fabrics, weaves and prints or designs which help to add distinct looks.
  5. Here one can see a large sofa throw that come in one color and can be used to cover up a light colored sofa.
  6. Sofa throws in knitted fabrics look great with tasseled ends that add a unique look and feel.
  7. Here one can check out the black sofa cover which is a throw fabric in one color.
  8. This sofa throw is of faux fur material and covers a leather sofa to add warmth and contrast.