small glass bottles

Small glass bottles are great for decoration if you are looking for minimalistic items to do up your home. They look great on the dining space, or even your kitchen. They are also great for gifting purpose, for example if you are looking to share expensive tea leaves, fragrant oils that you might have picked up for your loved ones when you were traveling out of country.

Ideas and inspirations for small glass bottle decorations

You can cut out nice gift wrapping papers and place them inside your glass bottles and hang them in a corner of your room.You can also use small glass bottles in your guest bathroom, filled up with shampoo and body wash and put cute labels on them.

Small glass bottle decorations at office
You can also keep them on your office desk and fill it up with the pieces of paper that fall out when you punch your documents with the paper punching machines. If you do not want to fill up your small glass bottles then you can also paint them with solid colors, add some nice patterns and designs to it.


  1. Here you can see this rounded small glass bottle design is perfectly suited to place on your work desk.
  2. A small glass bottle shown here are perfect to be used for placing scented oils in your guest bathrooms.
  3. Small glass bottles as seen here are great for gifting purpose to your loved ones.
  4. Small glass bottle designs as seen here can be used to store sauces and placed on your kitchen space.
  5. You can color these small glass bottles and decorate your living space by hanging them from the ceiling.
  6. You can store upto 4ml of liquid in small glass bottles, perfectly suited to contain your scented oils.
  7. Fill up your small glass bottle set, with toiletries and label them, they are perfect for your guest bathroom.