serving tray

There are several accessories that are required in kitchen spaces. While the items that are needed to cook need not look attractive, when you need to serve food, you will want trays that look good. These are versatile kitchen accessories which are required in every home and even in office pantries.

Serving trays

Serving trays have evolved over time. Before one would only think of rectangular or square shaped serving trays but today they come in different forms. There can be circular trays with elevated edges or flat sides. Again, ornate designed trays or plastic printed trays are diverse forms of such items.

Different serving tray choices

If you are stocking up on kitchen accessories, you will surely want to take a look at the different trays available in the market. There are varied materials in which such trays come in. From wooden trays to plastic or wrought iron trays, natural bamboo or fiber work trays are also in vogue. To take a look at the different trays available in the market these days, check out the images given below.


  1. This is a wooden oblong tray which has a grainy, dark texture. It is easy to serve in and maintain.
  2. This elegant wooden tray has elevated edges and handles to help keep the items in place.
  3. This is an innovative tray to serve different kinds of food items or snacks with covers as well.
  4. This unique shaped tray offers a wide base which can hold several glasses, cups and small bowls together.
  5. Many people love the classic soft wood tray as seen above with a light grainy texture.
  6. The textured tray as seen above comes with handles on the side and a wide rectangular base.
  7. This steel tray comes in two shades and offers an attractive design which can be put to use in different ways.
  8. This ornate serving tray has intricate designs on the edges and base which makes it an exclusive piece.