sango dinnerware

If you are looking to buy dinnerware for gifting or purchasing them for a house party or get together then Sango dinnerware has variety of products you can choose from. Sango dinnerware is one of the leading ceramics tableware manufacturers. They have a variety of dinnerware offering from fine chinaware to porcelain ware and stone ware.

Types of dinnerware

Bone Chinaware is bone china clay mixed with bone ash that gives it an almost transparent white color. Porcelain is a stronger surface than glass, easy to maintain and is dishwasher and microwave friendly. Stoneware is baked from clay and is dishwasher and microwave friendly. It is also chip resistant.

Maintenance of Sango dinnerware

Sango dinnerware is easy to maintain and advisable to clean by hand wash and using a soft cloth to clean the surface. Avoid using bleach or chemical cleaners. For stubborn stains try using baking soda and a soft sponge for removal. Avoid usage of abrasive materials to clean your dinnerware. You can try combining a solution of equal parts of salt and vinegar to remove hard stains.




This earthen tone Sango dinnerware as you can see has a large surface and perfect to serve large portion meals.



sango dinnerware – 2


This Sango dinnerware features large eating surface, and resembles the hand thrown look of a potter’s wheel.


sango dinnerware – 3

Grace every meal with artistic flair when you serve using your Sango concepts dinnerware set.


sango dinnerware – 4


This light pastel shaded Sango dinnerware gives a very elegant modern twist to your crockery collection.



Make a dramatic statement at the table with this modern minimalist Sango dinnerware set as seen here.


sango dinnerware – 6

This contemporary rounded Sango dinnerware set enhances any table with its stylish earth tone design.



As you can see this is a beige Sango dinnerware background accented with modernistic bold stripes.




This vineyard design Sango dinnerware offers a soft, light brown glaze accented with a vine and leaf design