photo coasters

Coasters are useful things to have on your tables. Whether you are having a drink in your living room or on your dining table, you would want a coaster set to prevent stains from occurring on the tables. For such reasons, coasters have been in use from time immemorial.

Coasters of different materials

Nowadays coasters come of different materials. You need not opt for wooden, heavy coasters only. You could opt for plastic, lightweight ones which can withstand high temperatures. At the same time, printed coasters have also come in vogue.

Printed photo coasters

With the advance of digital printing technology, nowadays photo coasters have also come into vogue. Photo coasters are available easily at several photo printing stores. Even gift stores have them. If you wish to customize and order such coasters for your home, you can easily get them by placing orders online. Nowadays several online stores take on orders for customized photo coasters. Such coaster can be of different print forms as seen below. Take a look at the images given below.




Here one can check out a pack of square shaped coasters with fond memories saved on print.



Here one can see how vibrant photo coasters are available in different resolutions and finishes.


photo coasters – 3

You can get tiny photo frames as coasters as well which would help preserve happy memories.


photo coasters – 4

Photos of your favorite music albums can be printed on coasters which are great gift items as well.


photo coasters – 5

This set of coasters is based on the subway lines and city maps which makes them interesting.


photo coasters – 6

This set of coasters offers pictures of different dog breeds which are great for dog lovers.


photo coasters – 7

This set of photo coasters contain inspirational quotes and pictures of loved ones which are unique.


photo coasters – 8

This is a set of photo coasters that look like photo frames which help to preserve memories as well.