pestle and mortar

A common tool in the kitchen is a mortar and a pestle which is usually used to pound down different cooking ingredients and break them up into finer articles. Common ingredients like different spices which come in whole form but can be pounded down into small particles to release more flavor, are usually pounded in a mortar and pestle. Such an accessory consists of the mortar that is a heavy bowl which comes with a pestle that is a thick, short stick like tool.

Mortars and pestles

The pestle is usually styled like a short baseball bat with a rounded bottom and the mortar and pestle come in same or different material. They come in hard wood, marble, stone, steel or porcelain. The substance to be grounded is placed inside the mortar while the pestle then grinds the substance against the surface of the bowl in a downward, circular motion.

Common styles and designs

Nowadays there are different kinds of mortars and pestles available. If you are looking for one for your kitchen, here are some samples you would find.




This pestle and mortar set comes in white porcelain and is handy for grounding spices.



Usually the mortar comes with a cup like design to allow wet ingredients to be poured out.


pestle and mortar – 3

Ceramic mortar and pestle units are handy but they need to be handled with care.


pestle and mortar – 4

This unit is made of heavy stone and is handy for grounding spices with considerable force.


pestle and mortar – 5

This particular pestle and mortar unit is of a cream porcelain material that is easily found.


pestle and mortar – 6

This colored stone mortar and pestle is a age old tool found in many kitchens.


pestle and mortar – 7

The heavy bowl of this mortar and pestle unit makes it easy to ground spices finely.


pestle and mortar – 8

Many opt for mortar and pestle units in stone which does not react with ingredients that are ground in it.