perfume bottles

If you are a perfume manufacturer you will want to have a steady supply of perfume bottles. There are different aspects that determine the kind of perfume bottles that are needed to package a fragrance.

Bottles for perfumes

Today the perfume manufacturers not only focus on the fragrance but also on the bottle shape, size as well as design and appeal to the right customer segment. For fragrances that are designed for women, the bottles need to be of a certain look and dimension. Again, the fragrances for men are designed to appeal to the different male customers.

Bottle designs in trend

For such reason, those who manufacture perfume bottles usually depend on the specifications of the customers as well as design the bottles as per the containers required for different kinds of fragrances. Shown here are different and popular perfume bottles which are used by the different perfume manufacturers and cosmetic brands. These perfume bottles gives one ideas of the kind of bottles they can opt for to market their fragrance as well as to plan the design and colors of their products accordingly.



Here a group of popular perfume bottle designs are shown of varying thickness, size and shapes.

perfume bottles – 1

These perfume bottles make the use of a particular color shade to heighten the visual appeal.

perfume bottles – 2

The intricate design of this perfume bottle will surely attract interest of the target customers.


This perfume bottle design makes use of refractive glass patterns and designs to make it unique.

perfume bottles – 4

Elegance is symbolized by the design of these perfume bottles with fragrances contained in different colors.

perfume bottles – 5

Here one can see perfume bottles containing the same liquid but of varying designs.

perfume bottles – 6

This is a pristine perfume bottle design with a butterfly in steel decorated round the bottle.

perfume bottles – 7

This old fashioned perfume bottle design is sure to be a hit among ladies who like such an elegant design.