nautical shower curtains

Bathrooms have their own special décor. A bathroom reflects the kind of space you need for yourself and its décor needs to be pleasing and inviting as well. For such reason, several kinds of bathroom accessories and décor items are available.

Need for shower curtains

When you have a bath or a shower, you need a shower curtain. This accessory not only has a décor feature but a functional aspect as well. Many bath curtains have attractive designs and patterns which add a splash of color to the interiors of a bathroom.

Function of shower curtains

A shower curtain is necessary to reduce the splash of water from such an area into the rest of the bathroom area. The bathroom area needs to be kept clean and when one takes a shower the water should not splash all over the bathroom. Whether one has a bathtub or an open shower area, a shower curtain will come of use. Here are several bathroom curtain samples that are shown. You can plan on your bathroom décor accordingly.

  1. Here the shower curtain has a nautical design which has blue stripes in the bottom and circular ship window design.
  2. This is another form of nautical shower curtain which has blue stripes, rubber tubes and ships as patterns.
  3. Maps of the world form the shower curtain here along with matching shower towels.
  4. Here the bathroom has blue and white stripes with matching bathroom décor in white and blue.
  5. A coastal themed shower curtain as seen here will change the look of your bathroom.
  6. In this natural themed curtain the ship and light house design offers a comic relief.
  7. The blue and white décor in the bathroom is complimented by the white and blue shower curtain.
  8. The Moby dick floor mat compliments the large vessel print on the shower curtain in the bathroom.