modern fireplaces

Homes in cold countries have always had fireplaces which burnt wood and provided warmth. As wood has become scarce and expensive, most homes in modern cities have given up on fireplaces. Instead, electric burners and centralized heating systems have come into vogue. Even though such heating is more effective, many still love the idea of a fireplace in their living room.

The allure of a fireplace

During winter a fireplace in ones’ sitting area conjures up a sense of warmth, security and comfort. After coming back from work or when families get together, such a space becomes special when there is a centralized heating area like a fireplace. To replicate the look and feel of olden day fireplaces, modern fireplaces have come into existence.

Fireplaces in modern times

Fireplaces in modern times are designed to replicate the glow of fire and produce warmth without the burning of wood or fossil fuel. Electric heaters are placed inside such systems and the look of fireplaces are created. Here are some modern fireplace ideas for one to explore.



Here one can see the fireplace placed in the middle of an open living area.



A modern fireplace will produce the same look and feel inside a glass like enclosure.



This glass like fireplace replicates the flames and the warmth without the mess and the burning of wood.


modern fireplaces – 3

This modern fireplace stays enclosed behind a glass screen in a lavish living room area.



The fireplace area in this image is a separate column which adds to the living room décor.


modern fireplaces – 6

The screen in front of the modern fireplace adds a distinct look and feel to the living room.


modern fireplaces – 8

Here one can check out the fireplace fitted inside a column on the wall of the living room.



Here one can check out the modern fireplace built into a wall with separate shades.