lighthouse decor

Lighthouse décor

If you are looking to add a dash of nautical touch to your home, there are plenty of lighthouse décor to choose from. Paint your walls with light green or blue shades to enhance the ambience.

Advantages of such décor items

You can brighten up patios, gardens or entrance spaces to your house with nautical decors. Nautical décors also work great with wooden or white colored furniture. Hanging them on your door is a great way to make a style statement.

Know how to use such décor items

Nautical décor need attention, hence avoid using too many modern patterns around those pieces.
If you choose to use floral designs such curtains, table runners or table covers go for the lighter and minimalistic designs. If your walls are red, purple, violet or pink, nautical decors like lighthouses will add on a dramatic effect. Besides such places nautical decors can be placed next to your wooden cabinets or shelves. Such décor items can also be placed next to white colored furniture to create pleasing contrasts. Such unique décor items are assets in any living space.


  1. This design here will look great on your wall shelf or on a wooden table.
  2. This lighthouse décor will look stylish in your garden or patio space
  3. Brighten up the entrance to your house by placing similar décor in front of your door.
  4. Place some books next to this design to make your space stylish and add a splash of character.
  5. Brighten up your room wall with such lighthouse décors to add a nautical feel to the room.
  6. These pieces can be hung on your walls to make a loud statement and to cut down on the monotonous look of rooms.
  7. Here it is evident that such decors look great for your garden where they add on a unique appeal.
  8. This small piece will look great on your dining table if you have space for the same.