libbey glassware

Today there are several innovative items that are seen in the markets of household goods. There are several new items that have been introduced for serving food and drinks but one item that has withstood the test of time is glasses. Glasses are inevitably required for serving water, drinks and other juices. For such reasons, glasses are found in every store which offers kitchen and home accessories.

Different kinds of glasses

When you buy glasses for home use, usually we put aside designer glasses and those meant for hard drinks than those which can be used daily for water or other drinking purposes. Today glasses of plastic and other materials are also available. Food grade plastic tumblers take the place of glasses and reduce the possibility of breakage.

Glasses required for different occasions

When it comes to serving adults and guests, we need glass tumblers. These usually come in different forms and designs. It is imperative to choose a brand that offers glasses of good quality. Otherwise, cheap branded glasses are usually brittle and cannot withstand extreme temperatures or rough handling.


  1. This glass from Libbey has a solid design and can be used for serving water and chilled drinks.
  2. This glass from Libbey offers a stylish design that has a wide mouth which accommodates ice cubes easily.
  3. This is a heavy glass design that offers a solid form and can be used for dinner meals and in other occasions.
  4. This is an ordinary yet classic design that is used for serving water on dinner tables and for other occasions.
  5. This is a unique glass design from Libbey that one can opt for to serve juices and soft drinks in style.
  6. This is a versatile glass design which can accommodate water of generous amount on dinner tables.
  7. This is a stylish, oblong design which looks great for stylish diner affairs and can accommodate hard drinks as well.
  8. Here one can check out the range of tall glasses that Libbey offers in the market.