lazy susans

There are several items that exist in our kitchens and dining rooms and come of use in different ways. One such item is the lazy Susan. Even though its name might confuse many, this is a circular platform that moves and is attached on tables or in kitchen cabinets to allow easy access to different items.

What is a lazy Susan

It is designed as a turntable and moves food and other items placed on it in a circular manner. When such an accessory is placed on the dining table, food does not need to be passed to others as all can access the different food items by simply moving the turntable.

How they are put to use

Today lazy Susans are put to use in different ways. Not only can it be found in different forms on dining tables, they can also be found in kitchen cabinets. These become shelving units which can rotate on an axis. The shelf can be spun and easy access to different stored items is provided by such a shelf. Usually, two or more layers are attached to a single axis. Check out the images of such an item as given below.

  1. Here two plastic trays are attached to a single axle to provide two rotating platforms.
  2. This is an olden style wooden lazy Susan which comes with a smaller base and a wider upper tray.
  3. Here the turntable is placed on the dining table and can move when turned by the hand.
  4. Modern lazy Susans come with light plastic trays in different designs that move round a fixed axis.
  5. A plain, textured wooden movable circular tray can be placed on a dining table and moved around.
  6. Here a glass based lazy Susan is seen which looks elegant on a wooden dining table.
  7. This particular lazy Susan turntable comes with railings which makes it a distinct accessory anywhere.
  8. Here one can see how a lazy Susan is put to use as a revolving shelf inside a kitchen cabinet.