large wall clocks

We are often in need of large wall clocks. These are necessary to read the time from anywhere in the corner of a large room. When one has a large living room or a hallway, these rooms need a large wall clock.

Large wall clocks

When you have a large wall clock, you will be able to tell the time easily. Most large clocks come with hour gong, these sound at every hour and help all house members to be aware of the time. That is essential in large households. All homes need to work around the clock and a large clock helps all members to keep a note of the time for the different activities inside or outside the house.

When you need a large clock

For such reasons, when you are arranging your new home or redoing your existing one, you will want to get a large clock. This can be obtained in different designs. Such clocks are usually worthwhile investments and often last for generations. Here are some samples that you can check up from the images below.




This large clock comes with Arabic numerals and is in different shades of beige and brown.

large wall clocks – 1


This antique design wall clock comes with a wrought iron finish and colored portions for the hours.

large wall clocks – 2


A large clock in black with gold hour numerals makes the hour hand stand out and be easily visible.

large wall clocks – 3


This is a retro wall clock design that often goes well with the decor of any living room or hallway.



For a classic wall clock design you could opt for the above model which is of a reputed London brand.

large wall clocks – 6

A wall clock with artistic patterns and effects and large hour numerals is what characterizes this clock.



This clock has a bright and colorful dial with the hours clearly demarcated for easy viewing.


This is a retro clock design that many opt for with Arabic hour numerals and large hour hands.