large vases

Large Vases

If you are looking to decorate your room, large vases work almost everywhere. They look great in your bedroom, living room, dining room, stairs, kitchen space or even at your entrance. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs and can be made from glass, ceramic, clay, bamboo and variety of other materials.

Types of large vases

Ceramic large vases, are great to fill up, and perfectly suited for living room, as they bring little drama to look and feel of the space. Mosaic large vases are great, as you can leave them without having to fill it up with reeds and floral decorations. Wicker large vases are great by the door and you even use it to store your umbrellas. Silver Vases demand attention and are an instant focal point, they bring style and attention to any space you display them.

Ideas to fill up your large vases

Floral decorations are a safe bet, but depending on your placement you can keep willow branches, peacock feathers, or even a bunch of umbrellas. You can also store wrapping papers if you want to get more creative.

  1. Mix and match your large vase colors with your furnishing and add some character to your living space.
  2. Long large silver vase as seen here looks great near your entrance door. Contrast the color of the vase with your walls.
  3. Mosaic large vases such as this will look great when filled up with your long umbrellas.
  4. Wooden large vases as seen here will look great on patios or even you garden.
  5. Long large vases like seen here, look really nice when you fill it up with willow branches and long glitter stick.
  6. Place wooden large vase near your fire place to bring more rustic warm character to the space.
  7. Large vases as seen here bring in ethnicity to your wooden floored corridors and add character to the space.
  8. The dragon encrusted large vase as seen here is inspired from the traditional Chinese large vases.