large canvas art

Canvas art is vied for by all home owners. Most home owners love canvas paintings on their walls. The sight of paintings on walls has powerful effects on people.

Canvas art décor

Those who wish to add a splash of color on their walls, they can look at the varieties of canvas paintings available today. The size of such art also has an effect. The large canvas art paintings have a stunning effect on any room where they are placed.

Canvas art that is larger than life

For such reasons, many opt for larger than life canvas art paintings. There are different oil paintings as well as digital art which one can look at these days. These are put on frames that are larger than life. Such canvas paintings are great investments for any home. Many opt for such paintings of great artists. Such paintings then become heirlooms and are passed on to future generations. Paintings on walls help create the mood as well as set the ambience of a room. Here are some popular large canvas art images.




This room’s warm tones are accentuated by the large canvas art on the wall.

large canvas art – 1


This is a colorful painting on the wall which can add vibrancy to any room or corridor.



This selection of colorful floral canvas art helps add light to a living room space.

large canvas art – 3


This is a colorful cityscape that has been painted in vibrant oil shades and is a great décor item.

large canvas art – 4

A popular yet simple design, such art on canvas can help brighten up any room.

large canvas art – 5

Here one can see the contrast and effect that canvas art can create on the walls of a room.

large canvas art – 6


Nowadays wall accents are made more glamorous by larger than life canvas art paintings.


large canvas art – 7

Here three paintings combine to form a colorful yet abstract art form for decorating walls.