knitted throws

When its winter or chilly outside, you need warm accessories not only for yourselves but also on your living room décor. Warm throws help to preserve heat and reduce the coldness of the sofa materials or of the floor. For such reasons, throws in knitted material are popular.

Woolen throws available

If you are looking for woolen throws, there are several such readymade designs available in the market these days. Though many grandmothers used to knit such versatile pieces of woolen goods, today it is easy to simply walk into a store or order it online.

Large collection of readymade throws available

If you look up woolen throws for your living room, you will find a large collection of designs available in different colors. These help you plan your living room decor and do it up with colorful and warm throws for the holiday season. Here is an extensive catalog given for one to gain an idea of the different throw designs available in wool. Check them out as per the images given below.


  1. Here one can see the knitted patterns on throws in grey wool which look great on sofas.
  2. Here a white elaborate knitted patterned throw looks great on a white sofa with a fabric cover.
  3. It is best to contrast the throw as seen above where a grey green throw is put on a beige suede sofa.
  4. This is a wonderful design for a knitted throw that looks great anywhere, on tables or sofas.
  5. Here one can find throws and cushion covers put together in tones of beige and grey that look great anywhere.
  6. Knitted throws which are machine made have finer finish and are more versatile for use on sofas.
  7. This is a heavy knitted design that compliments a white sofa and is great for winter evenings.
  8. Here one can check out a common knitted pattern on different colored synthetic wool which are opted for by many.