floor vases

There are several kinds of décor items that are available in the market. It is wise to look at versatile décor items which can be used as decoration pieces by themselves as well as used with other décor pieces.

The versatile floor vases

One such versatile category of décor items are floor vases. The floor vases are large, flat bottomed vessels made of different materials. These can be heavy and made of ceramic or of clay pottery. Such vases can be arranged in room corners and left there by themselves to add a distinct look and feel to any room or living space. Again, many are used as vases to put in real or artificial plants or stalks of flowers.

Popular and latest flower vase designs

If you are intrigued to look at the different designs of floor vases available, here are some images shown. These help one to gain an idea of the different designs and looks of such items and how they can be utilized for decoration, either by themselves or with other flower arrangements and sculptures.




This floor vase in earthen hues offers an ethnic look and feel which looks great with flower arrangements.

floor vases – 1


This red vase of considerable length comes with a silken finish that adds glamor to any living room.




This cut glass designed vase can be used with flowers or by itself and will reflect light

floor vases – 3


These distinct floor vases of silken finish are great for hotel foyers and lobby spaces.



Put in a few eclectic strands to transform any room with this large floor vase.

floor vases – 5

Here one can take a look at the large floor vases of silken finish which glamorize any room.

floor vases – 6


These floor vases sport a white wooden finish which compliment wooden floors of any home.

floor vases – 7

This floor vase has a medium length and has a decorative border around its neck.