Fireplace Screen

Even though many modern homes do not have a fireplace these days, the allure of a fireplace is difficult to overcome. Many people love the idea of having a fireplace and a mantel stand above it in their living room. In cold countries, many fireplaces exist where electric fires or heaters are burned these days.

Living rooms and fireplaces

If you live in a home with a fireplace, there are many ways of beautifying the space. If a fireplace is kept well, it becomes the center of attention in that room. People love to sit around it and gaze at the heater or the decorative items that are placed above the fireplace.

Décor of fireplaces

A fireplace is difficult to maintain, especially if fire is burnt in such a space. For such reasons, a fireplace screen comes of use. Such a screen not only can have a décor appeal but also helps to keep the fireplace neat and tidy when it is not in use. Otherwise, such a space often tends to gather dust and becomes dirty. Here are some fireplace screen ideas for one to explore.



Fireplace Screen – 2

Here one can check out the screen with a wrought iron framework which protected the fireplace.



This is a grill with stands that protects the fireplace and keeps the fire burning inside.


Fireplace Screen – 4

A decorated iron gate in front of the fire place makes this space a decorative area of the room.


Fireplace Screen – 5

An iron grill in front of the fire helps keep people and animals away from the fire burning inside.


Fireplace Screen – 6

Here the black grilled design of the screen compliments the look of the room décor as well.


Fireplace Screen – 7

Here the fireplace screen is designed as a door which helps to keep the fireplace secure.


Fireplace Screen – 8

Here one can check out the fire burning inside the fireplace which is secured with a iron door with handles.


Here the half grill stand which acts like a screen is placed in front of the fireplace.