faux fur throws

There is something luxurious about fur. Even though today fur is banned for preventing cruelty to animals, faux fur has come into vogue. For such reasons, faux fur is used as throws around the shoulders of wealthy ladies as well as throws on sofas and chairs.

Throws for changes in upholstery

If you have sofas whose upholstery needs to be changed or is fading, you could opt for faux fur throws to add a luxurious touch and feel to the sofas. In winter months sofa throws need to provide warmth as well. Leather sofas tend to feel cold during such weather. In order to use such upholstery at all times, you could opt for faux fur throws. These are not expensive but add a luxurious look and feel to your living room or bedroom décor. Indeed, these accessories act as great decor items as well and help to add a different look to your living room décor.

Faux fur throw designs

If you wish to check out the different kinds of faux fur throe available in the market, here are some samples shown.


  1. As you can see here this faux fur throw comes in beautiful light and dark brown strips.
  2. Ash grey faux fur throws look great with beautiful dark shaded colors as seen here.
  3. This chocolate brown colored faux fur throw with hints of dark brown is a stunning piece to own.
  4. This traditional brown faux fur throw as seen here is a must have for your leather sofas.
  5. This faux fur throw replicates the soft fur of a fox to intricate details which adds a luxurious touch.
  6. This beige toned faux fur throw will look great on brown sofas and chairs.
  7. Here one can find a faux fur throw in grey shades which is a great addition to any living room décor.
  8. This cheetah inspired throw design is great to own and can be added to chairs or sofas.