end grain cutting board

End grain cutting boards are finding their way to becoming popular in every household kitchen for the simple advantage of their durability.


An end grain is a much harder surface and has a greater tolerance for the chopping motion. The individual boards of wood are arranged such that the grain of the wood runs vertically up and down. For this reason, when the knife strikes the surface, the grain of wood separates and closes when the knife is removed. So instead of cutting into the wooden piece, the knife is actually cutting into the fiber. The edges of the knife tends to remain sharper even after prolonged use.


It is said to be easy to clean, unlike a plastic cutting board that leaves scope for germ build up. Research has shown that bacteria, such as the salmonella often found on raw chicken, will thrive and multiply if not removed from cutting boards. These bacteria can cause severe stomach problems if not cleaned properly. Wooden cutting boards are easy to clean and maintain.




Cool design pieces like this add color to the kitchen and longevity to your expensive knives.

end grain cutting board – 1

If you want to go a little unconventional on the up and down pattern, you can go for one of these optical illusion designs.

end grain cutting board – 2

The checks do not always come in predefined styles. You can always go for variations in check sizes.


If you decide to take the party to your kitchen, a game of chess will be perfect while you wait for your dish to cook to perfection.




These long cutting boards can be used not just for cutting big fish fillets or meat but also as a tray to serve your wine.

end grain cutting board – 5


This end grain cutting board design has a very textile feel to its checks and is a warm design piece.

end grain cutting board – 6

This end grain cutting board design has an optical illusion feel and adds dimension to your kitchen.

end grain cutting board – 7

DIY chopping board pieces come in various designs that you can select from.