electric fireplaces

Today modern homes have electrical fireplaces. These are appliances that simulate the look of burning gas or wood which are used in traditional fireplaces.

How electric fireplaces work

Such fireplaces provide the appearance as if a burning fire is present which has no capability to generate heat in actual terms. The heat is produced as well as the effects through electricity. The electric fireplaces have become popular as many consumers like the stylish look they create for their living space. These are available in different designs and styles which can be chosen in order to match the décor of a room.

Convenience of electric fireplaces

The burning flame’s appearance in an electric fireplace is created by the use of mirrors, reflectors and by the use of lights. The light replicates the flickering of flames and burning logs in order to create the illusion of flames. The brightness and glow of the flame can be controlled by a dial. If you wish to check out the several electric fireplaces and be inspired for creating a unique look in your home, here are several images given below.

  1. Here the fireplace is created under the television area and mounted inside the wall.
  2. Electric fireplaces as seen above are installed as a wall component and look integrated with the wall surface.
  3. You can also have an electrical fireplace unit mounted on the wall behind your living room décor.
  4. If you wish for an electrical fireplace which looks like the olden fireplace, it can be installed in your room.
  5. Check out this modern wall mounted fireplace design which simulates the fireplace flames very well.
  6. In this fireplace design, the flames, logs and other features are all simulated to create real life like effects.
  7. Here one can check out the wall mounted fireplace that contrasts with the décor of the room.
  8. A black fireplace screen works well with the white mantelpiece against which it is mounted.