drink coasters

When we are sitting with a drink, we need coasters to place them on. Coasters come in different forms and are easily used around the home. You can place a hot cup of tea anywhere when you have a coaster handy. For placing drinks on a table you need coasters as well as for preserving the surface of glass tables. When liquids spill on table surfaces, they tend to get stained. That is prevented when coasters are used.

Varied coasters

Nowadays coasters come of different forms, materials and designs. You could opt for coasters in wood, plastic, metal and so forth. Coasters also come in interesting designs and styles which make them suitable for stylish affairs.

Buying coasters for one’s home

If you are looking to stock up on coasters to serve with drinks when you entertain guests, here are several examples to look up. When you check out these designs you might want to order them in or seek out similar products in the market. You need to pick up coasters as per your personal taste and preference. Check out the images given below to be inspired.




This coaster set has an interesting design which goes well and can be put on coffee tables.



drink coasters – 1

This drinks coaster made of leather with a stitched border looks elegant and stylish on tables.



drink coasters – 4

These are cork based coasters which are light but resistant to high temperature and cold.




These are pieces of treated wood which look great on wooden tables when served as coasters.



drink coasters – 7

These are sets of coasters which one can use with ornate designs and letters on them.



drink coasters – 8

These are concentric circle designs which look great as coasters when served to keep under drinks.




This unique designed coaster made of light wood material is a great item to have on the tables.




This is a paper mache coaster set which has a unique design imprinted in the middle.