Drapery Hardware

Drapes for a room include several components. There are many who can afford to outsource such requirements to interior designers. However, to save costs, it is better if you get all the materials together and then get them assembled.

What is drapery hardware

When we talk of drapery hardware, it means rods for hanging curtains, drapes or curtains that you would need, attachments to hold curtain rods in place, tiebacks for the curtains and so forth. All the necessary components to put up drapes and hold them in place form drapery hardware.

Need for proper installation

Today many furnishing stores offer such hardware and furnishings as a complete package. These come as a set and hence, reduce the need for home owners to go around finding all the individual components separately. Once such a system is set up. changing curtains from time to time is less work. However, if such hardware is not installed properly, it can lead to chaos and repeat work for the homeowners. Here are examples of drapery hardware of different kinds for creating different looks in rooms.




Here one can find curtain rods of a dark brown which compliment the light beige curtains.


The screwed in holder for the curtain rods are essential components of drapery hardware.

Drapery Hardware – 2

Curtain holders come in different forms such as concealed rods as can be seen in the image above.


Drapery Hardware – 3

In the image above the curtains are put on rings which are slid on the curtain rods.

Drapery Hardware – 4

Here one can view the different styles and designs of curtain rods available in the market.

Drapery Hardware – 5

The clipped form of attaching curtains to curtain rods makes this set distinct which needs different components.


Here the curtain rods are seen of a silver finish with wooden accents that help to add different looks to a room.

Drapery Hardware – 7

Here are samples of curtain rods that are essential parts of drapery hardware needed for every home.