Draperies are an essential part of the interior décor of a house. Without drapes or curtains a house or its rooms look bare. The room décor is completed only when drape or curtains are put up. They also have specific functions.

Need for drapes

When you have a room without curtains, it feels cold and strong sunlight will come in from the windows and doors. With curtains the warmth is retained and sunlight is made less bright. These are the basic functions of draperies for a room besides the need for room décor.

How to shop for draperies

If you are shopping for draperies, it is important to plan one’s room décor first and then shop accordingly. One needs to determine the color of the room walls and the furniture that need to be complimented by the right drapes and curtains. For all such reasons, it is important to plan the layout of a room and then purchase the draperies accordingly. When you wish to make such purchases, look at the choices below in order to plan your drapes accordingly.

  1. Here one can checkout the elaborate drapes and curtains that cover the large windows of the room.
  2. Here different drapes in beige and turquoise blue compliment the rich wooden floor of the room.
  3. Here the drapes come in beige with a silken finish while the curtains are light and white.
  4. The drapes here are of a heavier fabric than the sheer white curtains on the outside.
  5. Here the drapes have colorful patterns and ornate designs that match the interiors of the room.
  6. Here the drapes are of a warm brown hue and compliment the cream white curtains on the outside.
  7. The drapes on top have semi circular designs with frills that makes the room look grand.
  8. Here one can check out the light blue curtains that fall heavy and cover the entire widow length.