cutting board

Every kitchen accessory has a certain function or a purpose to serve. One needs to understand whether a certain product will fulfill one’s requirements in the kitchen before it is bought. A handy accessory around the kitchen is a cutting board.

Cutting boards of different materials

Such an accessory needs to offer durability. For such reasons, a wooden cutting board fortified by steel or by any other material usually comes of great use. You will find the cutting boards of different brands but it is best to choose reliable brands to get a durable product. The width and strength of a cutting board needs to be chosen as per the kind of ingredients one is likely to use in their kitchen.

Popular designs of cutting boards

If you wish to take a look at the different cutting board designs available in the market, here are some popular designs. Opt for surfaces that do not stain or get cut easily. At the same time, the boards need to be strong enough to bear the weight and impact of cutting knives. These points need to be kept in mind when choosing cutting boards for one’s kitchen.




This cutting board offers a handsome design in wood with steel edges which will accessorize your kitchen.



This is a solid cutting board made of bamboo and helps to cut up heavy items as well.

cutting board – 2


Those who need to chop up meat or fish would need a solid cutting board as seen above.

cutting board – 3


The bamboo cutting board has rounded edges and can withstand the impact of large knives and other equipments.

cutting board – 4


Here one can check out the array of cutting boards and their different sizes which come with handles as well.



Check out the surface of a wooden cutting board after years of being constantly used in the kitchen.

cutting board – 7

This cutting board comes with a frame and can be easily removed as well as hung on the wall.

cutting board – 8

This is a fortified plastic cutting board that comes in white and is easy to wash and re-use