curtain room dividers

Today many people live in studio apartments. As rent is sky high in most modern cities and towns people often need to spend considerably to get a small space in a neighborhood of their choice.

How to divide large spaces

For such reasons, most people end up with a large hallway for their house. They need to accommodate their bedroom as well as kitchen and sitting area, all in a single space. When such a setup exists, in order to divide up a large open space, curtain room dividers come in handy.

Different types of curtain dividers

For those who do not want to spend much on the interiors of a studio apartment or wish to divide up a large room into different areas, they can make use of curtains as room dividers. All that is needed is a railing system on the ceiling in order to run curtains across such a support. In such ways, one can divide up their room and offer privacy to different individuals. If you wish to check out some ways in which curtain room dividers are used, here are some samples shown below.





Here one can check out the curtain dividers being used to separate a bedroom space from other areas.



Here one can check out the dark long curtains used to separate a study area from the rest of the room.



Here curtains are used to separate a sitting area from a bedroom area in small spaces.



A small space is used more effectively with the use of frames and curtain dividers.


curtain room dividers – 5

When you wish to separate out kitchen space from a dining space, use curtains as dividers.

Here one can see how a sitting area is separated from a bedroom area with the use of curtains.

When curtains are drawn a sitting area looks complete and provides privacy to other parts of a home.

Here a wooden door partition is used to separate a lobby area from the main sitting space.