cruet set

Even though cruet sets nowadays usually indicate a salt and pepper container set, cruets were originally designed as small flask containers. These were designed to hold different kinds of fluids.

Origin of cruet sets

Cruet initially was coined as a term to indicate flasks that held liquids used for religious ceremonies. Later on such containers were used to hold liquids like vinegar and oil which are condiments used in Italian and other Mediterranean style cooking.

Modern cruet sets designs and functions

Cruet sets are used as condiment holders and are sold in most stores that offer different kinds of home supplies. Usually such containers are made of ceramic, food grade steel, glass or even food grade plastic these days. Initially cruet sets were made of wood, ceramic and glass though the latter two substances were found to break easily. For such reasons, nowadays cruet sets are usually sold in plastic or steel. However, ceramic cruet sets are still popular among many. If you wish to check out the different cruet sets available, you will find some popular and innovative designs shown below.




This cruet set comes designed like small, rounded stools and is designed to hold salt and pepper.


cruet set – 1

This cruet set has three containers, one holding a liquid while the others hold salt and pepper.


cruet set – 2

This cruet set is a stand design that comes with a portable holder and two glass like containers.


cruet set – 4

This cruet set is innovatively designed in contrasting colors and with stylish curves for dining table décor.


cruet set – 5

This cruet set comes in a triangular design in shiny steel that will compliment contemporary dining tables.


cruet set – 6

This ornamental cruet set is great for storing oil, vinegar, salt and pepper or serving on tables.


cruet set – 7

This is a handy cruet set holder which comes with three different containers in varying shapes.


cruet set – 8

This ornamental cruet set is great for holding salt and pepper as well as serves as dining table décor.