cork coasters

Cork coasters have been in vogue for a long time. Even though nowadays plastic coasters are also common, the environmentally friendly coasters are those which are made of cork.

Why opt for cork coasters

Cork is made from the waste product of wood which is processed. In such ways, it helps to use up waste wood which is too soft for other industrial and building purposes. Cork is also non toxic and hence, a more eco friendly product to have around one’s home as compared to plastic and other treated material which have toxic material on them.

Advantages of cork

When you opt for cork coasters, you will find them lightweight. They are often painted on and hence appear in different designs. Even then, the lightweight cork coasters are great to have around the home. They can withstand high temperature and hence, you need not worry when you place hot liquids on them. At the same time, cork coasters look stylish and add a distinct look to your tableware. If you wish to take a look at the different kinds of cork items that are available in the market, check out the coaster products that are available as shown below.




This is a plain and simple cork coaster which many like for the minimal design they offer.


cork coasters – 1

Such cork coasters are thicker and hence, are easier to use with hot liquids and heavy cups.


cork coasters – 2

Square shaped cork coasters are stylish and can be put to versatile uses in homes and offices.



Here one can check out innovative coasters designed out of actual corks assembled together.


cork coasters – 4

This set of cork coasters will surely be a great gift item for any home owner.



cork coasters – 7

If you love owls, you will surely want to add on this collection of owl designed coasters.


cork coasters – 8

For cork coasters, this is a typical but popular design and set to order in from stores.


cork coasters – 9

Here one can check out the cork coasters which have a unique finish, are lightweight and versatile.