drink coasters

When we are sitting with a drink, we need coasters to place them on. Coasters come in different forms and are easily used around the home. You can place a hot cup of tea anywhere when you have a coaster handy. For placing drinks on a table you need coasters as well as for preserving the surface of glass tables. …

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cork coasters

Cork coasters have been in vogue for a long time. Even though nowadays plastic coasters are also common, the environmentally friendly coasters are those which are made of cork. Why opt for cork coasters Cork is made from the waste product of wood which is processed. In such ways, it helps to use up waste wood which is too soft …

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photo coasters

Coasters are useful things to have on your tables. Whether you are having a drink in your living room or on your dining table, you would want a coaster set to prevent stains from occurring on the tables. For such reasons, coasters have been in use from time immemorial. Coasters of different materials Nowadays coasters come of different materials. You …

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